Blogging My Way Through Debt

 - Blogging My Way Through Debt

Bonus Pay!

Every year hubby gets a vacation check in December.  In his trade, if he takes a vacation during the year he does not get paid that week.  Instead, everyone gets a lump sum in December based on the amount of hours you put in for the year.

Thanks to this vacation check, I was able to pay down $1200 on our mortgage today!  Our current balance is now $233, 926.00.  Looking at our amortization table we are a few months ahead; November 2014!

Stay tuned for MY reasons on why we are choosing to pay off our mortgage ASAP!  I truly believe that each family/individual/couple needs to take all of the financial advice given/read, adapt it to their unique situation to do what they are most comfortable with and to best benefit THEM!

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