Blogging My Way Through Debt

 - Blogging My Way Through Debt

Don’t Pass Up the Cash

Unfortunately, due to lack of organization on my part, we have missed out on extra savings (such as not bringing along coupons) or cash!  I’m not going to let that happen anymore!!

Hubby turned in scrap metals (more about this as a money-maker in a later post) and earned himself some extra money to splurge with!  He bought a hunting rifle which offered a $30 rebate.  The box has been sitting in my face for three weeks now and I have yet to submit the rebate.  Shame on me!  We work hard to earn the $30 and shouldn’t just let it slip through our fingers.  Luckily, I finally got my rear in gear and submitted the rebate (you can submit until 12/31….whew!!!!).

I am working really hard on my organizational skills and slowly improving!  I plan to submit the rebate right away from now on, instead of tossing it somewhere to be handled later.

Does this happen to you?  Have you lost out on money/savings from not being organized?  How do you keep on top of rebates, coupons, savings, etc?

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  • Lee @ The Value Geek says:

    This happens to me all the time. My rule is to do it right away so that it never even gets on a list of things to do.

    November 5, 2013 at 11:08 pm

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