Blogging My Way Through Debt

 - Blogging My Way Through Debt

Enjoy Writing? Earn Extra Money at Bubblews!

I was introduced to Bubblews while spending time over at Hubpages.  Bubblews is another ad revenue sharing website.  I have redeemed my first payout through paypal so I can vouch that they do pay.

Their motto is to speak freely and share your world.  Bubblews is a lot like a social media site and you write exactly as their motto suggests!  The site takes a little getting used to but the more time you spend there you will begin to develop your own system for notifications, connections, etc.

If you are interested in checking out Bubblews, please click Bubblews (disclosure: this is a referral link in which I earn a one-time payment of 20 cents if you sign up)!  Obviously, even though I will be 20 cents richer, I am sharing so you can make some extra moolah for yourself! :)

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