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 - Blogging My Way Through Debt

Miserly Moms- Book Review

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Miserly Moms is written by Jonni McCoy and helps the reader learn to live on one income in a two income economy.  Even just a few pages into this book, I realized, “I could have wrote this book!”  Miserly Moms describes my attitude and thinking since becoming a one-income family!

I left teaching seven years ago to be home with my oldest baby and am still home with my youngest!  I have learned a lot over the past seven years and am constantly changing my thinking.  I want to share McCoy’s eleven miserly guidelines and what they mean to me:

1. Don’t confuse frugality with depriving yourself (it took me a long time to realize this and feel like we have a pretty even balance now in our household of what is important to us and what is not).

2. Remove little wasters of your money (I am here but my husband is not.  He has come a LLLOOONNNGGG way and is also the money-maker so…..)

3. Keep track of food prices (starting doing this a year ago and definitely helps in deciding where to get certain items for the best price).

4. Don’t buy everything at the same store (same as #3).

5. Buy in bulk whenever possible (Again, ties in to #3 and what items we eat a lot of that’s worth buying the bulk price for.  You know, important stuff, like my 72oz bag of chocolate chips). :)

6. Make your own whenever possible (For me, it definitely depends on the items and if it is worth me making myself).

7. Eliminate convenience foods (This helps our grocery bill immensely.  We copycat some of our favorites from scratch and it’s healthier!!)

8. Cut back on meats (we cut back on expensive meats such as steak but most of our dinners consist of chicken or ground beef).

9. Waste nothing (If this were a test, we would definitely ace this one.  How do I know, my seven year old son asked me the other day, “Mom, we don’t waste anything do we?”) :)

10. Institute a soup and bread night (If there is any night that we don’t have meat, we are definitely having soup especially now that it is Fall).

11. Cook several meals at once and freeze them (FINALLY started doing this as in the beginning of this month).  Cooking and freezing meals saves time and money!!


I highly recommend checking out her book for 240 pages of frugal advice, ideas and recipes!

Have you read Miserly Moms?  Do you recommend any other frugal reading?


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